It is free to create an account, but also to contact to landlords or entrepreneurs? Yes.

Really? Yes, sure.

Which are the incentives for landlords to host a project? There are several incentives. The first ones are social, to support a project of social entrepreneurship and build a better society. The second ones are economic, to host a project is a way to skip the manteinance costs of an empty property, and to preserve it in good state.

What happens if I agree to host a project and then I find someone who wants to buy or sell my property, or I simply change my mind? That is part of the agreement that you make with the entrepreneur, and it is totally up to you. You can sign a contract where it is stated that the entrepreneur should have to leave at any moment, or commit to a minimum period of time, or offer to the entrepreneur to be the first one to rent it paying a fee once his project has worked successfully.  Free Raum just brings landlords and entrepreneurs toghether, but does not state how their agreement should be.

What happens as entrepreneur if I am entitled to host my project in a place and then I want to leave it? It is the same than in the opposite situation mentioned above: it all depends on the conditions that you both (landlord and entrepreneur) decide to sign when you write your agreement.

What if something happens, like a fire or a robbery? Who is responsible? Again, these details should be specified within the contract that the landlord and the entrepreneur sign. We strongly advise to contract certain insurances to cover possible eventualities, especially considering that the entrepreneur might not have enough resources and the landlord aims to reduce the manteinance costs. Who should pay the insurance it is again not our decision.

We are entrepreneurs and we have found a landlord willing to host our project. However, we cannot afford the manteinance costs and this is one of the key conditions of the landlord. What can we do? You should then find the money for this, the landlord is already supporting your project by not charging rent fees, you could start a crowdfounding campaign, find investors or ask for a credit to a bank.