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Free Raum is a non-for profit project, aimed to promote entrepreneurs, especially social entrepreneurs, and offer advantages to landlords who own empty properties. It does not charge to the users, we simply want to bring both parts toghether, entrepreneurs and landlords, toghether, with the maximum simplicity, and offer a website that is useful for them. We understand that this has a positive impact on the society and on the local communities, as it promotes entrepreneurship, employment creation and the improvement of deprieved urban areas, which benefits to nearby residents and local businesses.

However this website has certain maintenance costs and especailly we want to invest to improve this site, including additional funcioncalities and reshaping the interface. We would appreciate your support to sponsor this project for this. With your support we will fund the costs of a project with social impact that does not charge the users. We would be glad of showing your image in a sidebar or other parts of our webpage if you want us to.

Interested? Just contact us.