About this site

Free Raum is an initiative to help entrepreneurs to start-up their projects and to landlords to save costs and increase their social impact. It has been created by Hervideas, a consultancy on social innovation and new corporate strategies.

How does it work? It is very simple. We describe the process in a few steps:

  • You just create a user account (free) and post your content. If you are an entrepreneur looking for a place to start-up your idea, you should provide a brief description of your project. If you are a landlord with a property you would like to offer to an entrepreneur for a certain period of time (maybe till you find someone who rents or buys your property), you should provide a short description of your property.
  • Then have a look to the content created by other users. Did you find a space that would be perfect for your project? Did you read about a project that you really liked to be hosted in your space? Simply contact a landlords (as entrepreneur), or an entrepreneurs (as landlord).
  • Afterwards you can arrange the details directly with the other user.
  • The service is totally free. To add content to the website (projects or properties) does not involve any obligation or commitment.

Questions? You can read our FAQ list, and if you do not find the answer you need, simply contact us.

FInd out more about Hervideas visiting our website: www.hervideas.org